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Over 20 years of experience within the networking sphere is a testament to the fact that, when
we say we offer consultancy, it truly means you get consultancy.

We are a group of people that not only specialise in networking solutions but individuals who also understand the value in practising communication, collaboration and commitment to provide our customers with effective and tailored solutions. If you require assistance or advice on which setup is best or how to install your chosen setup, we are able to accommodate.

We offer an extensive regime of services that can be tailored and customised to suit your every
individual need. There is nothing convoluted about our pricing or how we work; it’s all plain and
simple to aid in effective and clear communication between service providers and our
customers. We provide speedy assistance with delivery to remote locations within a matter of
hours and onsite visits as per your convenience given it is within working hours.

To begin consultation and subsequent discussion of your requirements, contact us via the form
at the bottom of the page, call us or use our live chat.

Hourly Based Remote Consultancy

Our most popular form of consultancy due to its diverse application of services:

• General configuration concerns and complications
• Routing and switching configurations
• VPN implementations
• Network design advise
• Firewall rules, NAT policies and NGFW configurations

This is most suited for jobs that require only a couple of hours to complete.
Hourly rate is $175 ex GST per hour for business hours.

Day Rated Remote Consultancy

If more than a couple hours is needed to complete a job, it would be more cost-effective to use
half day or day rated consultancy. Jobs that fit this profile may include:

• Implementing complex VPNs
• Performing a cutover or migration during a specific change window
• Troubleshooting issues with multiple parties
• Rolling out larger network installations

Half day rate is $650 ex GST during business hours
Full day rate is $1200 ex GST during business hours.

Onsite Consultancy

For more complicated services, such as troubleshooting, jobs that require more than a day to complete, or where remote access is neither possible nor advisable, onsite consultancy would be the wisest solution. This can be provided nationwide by our trained and qualified network consultants who deliver consultancy of the upmost standard. We charge based on 8 hour days: $1800 ex GST per day + travel and expenses.


We deliver this service with newly purchased units that you don’t necessarily have to purchase
from us, however, it must be shipped to us first. After which, we send you a pre-installation
questionnaire that we then use to base our initial configuration of your equipment. This is sent to
you, all prepped and ready to introduce into your network, and covered by a further 2 hours of
remote assistance. Initial prices start from $350 ex GST per device depending on the complexity
of your requirements.

Innetsol’s Vision

Our vision is to provide the right solution for your business needs.

Our vision is supported by a mission to:

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We conduct deep analyses to thoroughly understand our clients’ business requirements.

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We listen and attend to our clients’ business problems in a timely manner.

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We find the most effective yet economical solutions for our clients.

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We provide the best in class solutions to solve your business needs.

Would you like to know more? Get in touch with our team.

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