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Services in Network Security for Australian Businesses

The services we provide include:

• End to end solution delivery (scoping, design, implementation, handover and training)
• Network and security audits and gap analysis
• Carriage services
• IP Telephony SIP services
• Managed Services

Our Services

We provide end-to-end solution delivery of:

• Data Centre / Webscale Data Centre
• Open Networking and Network Automation
• Local Area Networks & Wide Area Networks
• Routing & Switching
• Firewalls & Security
• Internet & Virtual Private Networks
• Voice, Video & Web Collaboration
• Wireless Connectivity

Our project life cycle includes:

• Working closely with you and your team to develop a proposal to meet your business
requirements and budget
• Developing a High Level Design of the solution
• Compiling a Build of Materials
• Developing a Detailed Design
• Developing an Implementation/Migration Plan and Test Plan
• Complying to your organisations Change Management Review and Approval process
• Implementation and Migration
• Leading or participate in System Integration and User Acceptance Testing
• Handover and Training
• Post Implementation/Migration Support
• On-going Management and Monitoring
• Reviewing and upgrading when required

We can provide onsite and remote network audits tailored to your requirements whether it is to
install new cabling or to move data centres.

Some of the network audits activities that we can do include:

Cabling inspection (copper and fibre)
• Infrastructure device hardware models and software versions
• Infrastructure device end of life/end of support status
• Network capacity and health check
• Communications room environmental (space, power and air flow)
• Device configurations
• Layer 1 to 7 analysis
• Network bottlenecks and throughput
Some of the security audits activities that we can do include:
• Device hardening audit
• Network hardening audit
• Firewall rules audit
• IPS policy audit
• Wireless security audit
• External penetration testing

Once the network and security audits have been completed, we can provide:

• Network overview topology diagrams
• Detailed physical and logical diagrams
• Comprehensive network and security audit report with gap analysis

We have wholesale partnership agreements with service providers and can offer competitive
pricing on our fully managed carriage services for both business and residential which include:

• Data Centre Connect
• Dark Fibre
• Layer 2 Fibre
• VDSL Layer 2
• Wireless

We have wholesale partnership agreements with voice service providers and can offer
competitive pricing on our fully managed IP Telephony SIP services that include:

• Onsite IP Telephony offering
• Cloud IP Telephony offering

We offer three different levels of Managed Services as follows :

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Standard Support

A green award

Enhanced Support

A red award

Premium Support

We provide your business with secure, highly available Managed Services to support the
demands on your IT infrastructure. We provide flexible and cost-effective Managed Services to
cater for your business requirements as well as provide the technical expertise to support your

Management and monitoring of Infrastructure devices as part of our Managed Services offering
begins during the implementation of each of our projects and not at project handover. The
advantage of this is that there is no operational gap before project completion that may cause
an unexpected network outage.

We offer three different levels of Managed Services as follows:

• Standard Support
• Enhanced Support
• Premium Support

The following table summarises the Managed Services Offering :

DescriptionStandard ServicesEnhanced ServicesPremium Services
Device Inventory
Device Monitoring
Device Management
Device Alert Status
Device Logging
Capacity Planning
Response Time8 hours4 hours2 hours
Coverage8 x 5 (9am to 5pm Mon to Fri excluding public holidays)8 x 7 (9am to 5pm excludind public holidays)24 x 7

Innetsol’s Vision

Our vision is to provide the right solution for your business needs.

Our vision is supported by a mission to:

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We conduct deep analyses to thoroughly understand our clients’ business requirements.

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We listen and attend to our clients’ business problems in a timely manner.

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We find the most effective yet economical solutions for our clients.

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We provide the best in class solutions to solve your business needs.

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