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Solutions in Network Security for Australian Businesses

Innetsol provides your business with solutions in network security design and implementation.

Web-scale Networking

The modern architecture of web-scale networking provides scalability and agility in the data
center and campus environments while also lowering TCO (total cost of ownership) by
drastically reducing CapEx and OpEx (capital expenditure and operational expenditure,

The web-scale model offers many benefits when you choose to adopt, including
flexibility, resiliency and on-demand infrastructure. The open environment of web-scale makes it
easy to standardize protocols, identify issues and create a unified stack that communicates
efficiently. It will allow you to combat the problems vendor lock-in poses by allowing you to
customize based on needs and budget, and finally, it lets operators identify and fix issues
quicker and deploy faster.

We can design your cost effiective agile networks for the modern era by adhering to these three

• Open and modular
• Intelligence in software
• Scalable and efficient

We will work with your organisation closely to migrate your existing traditional networking
infrastructure to the web-scale open networking of the future. Using Cumulus Linux and
leveraging NetDevOps (Networking Methods with a DevOps Mindset), we can tailor a solution
that is highly flexible, scalable and highly automated environment.

Data Centre

We can provide hosted or public and private cloud based services or simply assist your
business with its data centre solution.

Cloud based services in a pay per use deployment can be cost effective and provide a simple
and rapid deployment as the infrastructure is already there and ready to use. However there
may be a compromise to data security and regulatory compliance. Hosting your equipment in a
data centre on the other hand allows more flexibility and security but there is an upfront capital
required as well as extended time taken during initial deployment.

As businesses are relying heavily on their applications located at the data centres, high
availability is becoming more and more a necessity. We work closely with your business to
provide a road map to achieving a scalable and redundant data centre architecture as well as
best of breed solution.


Innovative Networking Solutions enables your business to maximise your LAN/WAN
infrastructure investment by designing and implementing LAN/WAN solutions that cater for
voice, video, data and storage technologies to share a converged and unified infrastructure.

As no network is the same, we will custom design and implement a network solution that fits
your business model. We provide solutions from small offices to large office building, from single
site to multiple offices spread throughout Australia and overseas.

We will also address common LAN/WAN concerns such as connectivity, availability, scalability,
security, manageability, performance and serviceability.

Voice, Video and Web Collaboration

Voice, video and web collaboration solutions have become a more and more business critical
application which allow your business personal to be available anywhere anytime whether in the
office, on the road or working from home.

We deliver affordable IP Telephony solutions on premise or in the cloud, which enhance your
business communications, productivity, capability and organisational agility. This allows your
business to have access to features that are not available on PABX or standalone phones.


Wireless connectivity and wireless applications encourage productivity through employee
mobility. The evolution of BYOD and Guest WiFi access help business provide value added
services to their employees and also their customers. We can deliver new wireless
infrastructure with integrated BYOD and Guest WiFi access.

As part of the wireless infrastructure implementation, we can perform a site survey and analysis
to determine the optimal number and location of the Access Points. We also consider other
factors in placement of the Access Points such as:

• Access Point capacity
• Location-based user density
• Indoor and/or outdoor coverage
• Potential physical obstructions
• Interference from other radio wave sources
• Power requirements

We also consider the integration of the wireless infrastructure with the rest of your networking
infrastructure, thus providing an end-to-end converged wired and wireless infrastructure.

Custom Application Development

Innovative Networking Solutions can develop custom applications to integrate with an existing
commercial product or develop a new custom application tailored around your business
requirements. We have our “bolt-on” Cisco Unified Communications ready, enhanced feature and product set which includes:

• System Admin Management Portal
• Customer Admin Management Portal
• User Self Service Tools
• Enterprise Communication Tool
• Enhanced Reporting Tools
• Automated Provisioning with AD Integration

We specialise in developing custom applications with various system integration techniques that
allow you to make tasks that are normally difficult or cumbersome, easy to complete or manage.

If you have an idea to make your telephony or network environment more user-friendly or have
a need to automate any UC or IT-based process or procedure, we invite you to contact us. We
will be happy to arrange a time to set up a meeting with you to discuss your specific needs.

Innetsol’s Vision

Our vision is to provide the right solution for your business needs.

Our vision is supported by a mission to:

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We conduct deep analyses to thoroughly understand our clients’ business requirements.

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We listen and attend to our clients’ business problems in a timely manner.

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We find the most effective yet economical solutions for our clients.

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We provide the best in class solutions to solve your business needs.

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